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Story Arc Fundraising drive! Donate and Vote! The winning arc gets drawn up!
Vote for: A story depicting the Devil's expulsion from Heaven.
Vote for: A story involving more of Jack's past, particularly surrounding Jill's murder.
 21% 79% 
Voting Ends: End of "Lita's Fanclub" Story Arc.

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Other Thoughts On Jack....

  • "Love, fear, frustration, pain - it's there and you can feel it. (The) characters do a better job of conveying emotions than most human actors I could name." ---- The Rocko Zone [visit]

    "Tormented, emotional furries. Death, life, sex, and retribution." ---- Mamabliss.com [visit]

    "I'd have to say that "Jack" has balls that painfully few comics are brave enough to drag around. And it's not afraid to use them..." ---- 2 [visit]

    "Read This" ---- Wild Frontier [visit]

    "An amazing strip of grotesque beauty. Life, death, horror, love ... this is a masterful use of the sequential art medium. And don't be fooled by the fuzzy characters, this strip is 100% FOR
    ADULTS ONLY!" ~ Inktank.com

    If you go to this comic, you will gawk in amazement at how completely fucked up the author is. ~Dragonfly of Latex Blue fame ...oh sweet irony....